With our network of over 150 lenders, we cover financing for all common real estate asset classes and stages in the life cycle of real estate.
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hypcloud combines a web-based software solution and decades of expertise in consulting and structuring commercial real estate financing.
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Web-based means that you do not need to download and install any software, but can start regardless of which operating system and which Internet browser you use.
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We are happy to support you with your financing request. Our client team is ready to answer your questions about hypcloud or financing competently and quickly.

How does financing via hypcloud work?

Create a new project

Create a new project, complete the basic information and the factsheet. Schedule a call with us online and thereafter you will receive a list of preselected suitable lenders. Chose the lenders who should receive your financing request from us.

Handle documents

Load the documents into the data room. You can provide each document with an explanation and categorize it (tags).

Manage the financing process

Keep control in the process and at all times keep track of all open and pending issues with our task management.

Both within the project and with the individual lenders, new tasks such as the provision of documents, conditions precedent to be met and information to be supplied to the lender on an ongoing basis after the financing is completed can be flexibly defined, assigned and tracked.

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