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Our goal is to enhance the life of real estate developers and investors. With our all-in-one platform we provide access to suitable lenders and the tools needed to request, manage and close financings.

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Why partner with us?

Your opportunity to expand

Your opportunity to expand

With hypcloud you get access to a wide range of projects - without marketing and sales effort.Only deal with financing requests that match your financing profile.
Seamless cooperation and communication

Seamless cooperation and communication

The hypcloud platform makes it simpler and faster for lenders to connect with borrowers and to get all requirements of a loan fulfilled. Provide an outstanding customer experiences, automate workflows, and cut processing times by weeks for your clients.
Manage the financing process

Manage the financing process

Our financing experts support you and the borrowers together throughout the entire life cycle of the financing. With our task management, you and your customer keep an eye on all issues, from the financing request to closing and fulfilment of the conditions precedent to the ongoing monitoring of the loan.
Expand your client base


We have established cooperations with selected professional investors in order to provide our clients both, senior and mezzanine financing, in a seamless and professional way.


With Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, Lindemann Schwennicke & Partner and Spek & Kämpf renowned professional service providers have been chosen to support hypcloud’s business. As a matter of course, we work closely and professionally together with any other external advisor of choice of our clients.

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As a FinTech start-up hypcloud can build on the broad and experienced network of many renowned business angels and institutional investors, including Axel Springer Plug&Play, Gerald Schönbucher, Peak State Ventures, Y Combinator and Atlantic Labs.

Data protection

Email, unprotected online file transfers and even physical data storage on USB sticks are still widely used in handling documents during a financing process. However, data security and integrity should be a priority for real estate developers, investors and lenders. That is why the protection of confidential information and data is of utmost importance to us at hypcloud.

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We have organized our procedures to avoid conflicts of interest, to ensure the highest professional standards and to comply with the European and German data protection regulations. Please click here for our GDPR declaration.

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hypcloud is using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) for secure communication. HTTPS provides authentication of the accessed website and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data through bidirectional encryption of communications between a client and server. Our servers are based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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